I must soak in the presence of God until His very heart beats within my heart and the blood He shed for me upon the cross becomes as liquid fire infused throughout my being.‚ This is the bride who will set aside her life for her beloved.‚ This is the heart of the church‚ not only ’set on fire’ but ‘infused with fire that empowers breakthrough’.

definition.‚ infusion

.to introduce, as if by pouring; cause to penetrate; instill (usually fol. by into): The passionate heart of‚ my beloved‚ infused new life into my soul.
2.to imbue or inspire (usually fol. by with): The new bride infused all around her‚ with longing and desire to‚ pursue the more intimate experience.
3.to steep or soak (leaves, bark, roots, etc.) in a liquid so as to extract the soluble properties or ingredients.
4.to pour in;‚ Pour in Your spirit Lord, for my heart yearns for the deeper touch.

verb (used without object)

5.to undergo infusion; become infused: I‚ am like a‚ dry, brittle root‚ that needs‚ to steep in the‚ liquid fire heart of‚ God‚ until I become infused by His presence.
  • are you like a dry, brittle root in need of spiritual infusion?
  • is your heart cry for destiny that releases breakthrough?
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