Prophetic Endtime Word

Word received by Robert A. Friedman in the late 1970’s.
October 1st, (no year was given)

A war unlike any other war. (I saw U.S. and Russian war ships in the Mediterranean, facing Israel, watching, but neither one participating).

And the northern regions will be devastated, scorched as a burning sun fries the grass and turns the sand almost molten.
(I saw a map of Israel, with the northern third totally black, and the rest of Israel severely scarred).

These northern regions will take a great many lives, and overall the nation (of Israel) will lose 10% of its people.

The West bank and surrounding Arab nations will be ravaged, ripped apart, blown from the face of the earth, as the war quickly consumes all around, even as gasoline flows to every crevice and is then lit, so will the battle be taken to every corner.

The world will be in shock. The government leaders will stand mute, at a loss for words.

The U.N. will do nothing and say nothing.

Israel will survive, with those who spring up alive from the northern ashes being delivered by a Moshiach heretofore unknown to them, but who is now their very Life.

This vanguard will tell of miracle after miracle of physical and spiritual salvation, forming a loud group until the end of the age when all believers are called up to go home. This war is not the end.

This war is not in Ezekiel or other books. Yet this war will catapult history toward the coming of the King so rapidly that mere tsunamis, earthquakes or hurricanes will barely be worth mentioning.

And the word for today? Seek the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your might, that instead of running in fear you may boldly step out in His name and declare He is Lord.

Amen and amen.